Best Christmas DIY 2018

Looking for ideas for Christmas decorations and DIY Christmas decorations?. Here we have collected more than 10 ideas for Christmas Decorations below:

Orange with Cloves

A beautiful decoration for the table, also excellent for giving off a pleasant scent, all in the most natural way possible.


Mini Snowman with Socks

Cute snowmen created with socks. You could also use them as a placeholder at the table.


Suspended Christmas tree

If you want to be original, this is an excellent decoration for the home! They will all be amazed


Chair cover Santa Claus Hat


For the reception of House:

The reception of guests is must to look out. Take the pumpkin out of Halloween, paint it white, make it two black eyes and an orange nose, add a nice hat and, while you’re there, make a hole to put a pipe. On the landing there will be the little man of snow that everyone dreams.


Table decoration with Salt and Sugar

The table deserves more than some red and golden decoration: then here is the idea for Christmas without too much pain, with salt or sugar containers that become perfect mountain scenarios.


A Christmas tree made of books


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