6 Best Home remedies for ear infections


Here are some useful natural remedies to know to deal with ear infections.

1) Garlic
Garlic is considered an effective natural remedy for ear infections due to its antimicrobial properties . It is advisable to boil two or three cloves of garlic in water, crush them adding a pinch of salt and wrap them in a handkerchief to be placed near the ear. Garlic juice can also be used in case of otitis, as if it were drops for the ears.

2) Olive oil
One of Grandma’s best known remedies for ear infections is the use of extra virgin olive oil. The oil should be heated briefly in small quantities, or collected in a warm teaspoon. At this point, two or three drops of olive oil should be dropped into each ear.

3) Salt and rice
A warm compress applied at the ear level can be useful in case of ear infections , in order to relieve the pain. It is possible to form a cloth bag in which to pour rice or coarse salt, to be heated for a few minutes in the oven or on the radiator. The pack should not be scalded, but rather simply warm, and should be placed on the outside of the ear for ten minutes.

4) Ice bag and cotton ball
A cotton swab can be placed at the mouth of the ear to protect the area affected by infection from external agents, especially when you are away from home; this can help accelerate healing. In some cases, heat may increase inflammation. To counteract discomfort and any swelling it is suggested to briefly touch an ice bag to the ear.

5) Onion
As well as garlic, also the onion is considered as a real natural medicine, suitable to combat otitis. Some slices of onion can be minced and boiled, or cooked in a pan. They must therefore be collected in a clean handkerchief or sterile gauze and used to apply a compress to the area of the ear.

6) Vitamin C

You can take care of your ears even through feeding. Introducing foods rich in vitamin C in fact stimulates the immune system and helps fight infections. It is good to choose fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, tomatoes, kiwis, strawberries and peppers. To reduce ear infection, it is also recommended to take zinc .

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